Margaret Rows and Deadlifts

Workout – Wednesday March 1st 2017

Conventional Deadlift
135lbs x 5 – 2 rep PR
135lbs x 3 – Did these to fix Margaret’s form by getting her to sit back and pull on the bar using her bodyweight

Bench Press
55lbs x 3
50lbs x 9 – 5lb PR
45lbs x 10

Dumbbell Row
50lbs x 5 – 5lb PR
30lbs x 10
20lbs x 20

Arnold Press – New Excersise
20lbs x 3
15lbs x 10
10lbs x 15

Hammer Curls – New Excersise
20lbs x 5
15lbs x 5
10lbs x 18

Skullcrushers – New Excersise
40lbs x 5
28lbs x 10

Hub Grip Deadlifts
16lbs x 2 seconds – Matched previous PR without chalk
10.5lbs x 10 seconds
7.75lbs x 30 seconds – 2.75lb PR
5lbs x 45 seconds – 15 second PR

Kettlebell Russian Swings
45lbs x 10 – 25lb PR
70lbs x 5 – 45lb PR

Very Aggressive workout, fantastic Dumbbell Rows, Deadlifts and Kettlebell Swings.


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