Deadlifts Are Back Up

Workout – Wednesday March 6th 2017

My previous Conventional Deadlift 405lb PB of 6 was set over a 6 months ago when I first started having back back pain and spinal impingement because of hip problem; I could not lock out with anything over 360lbs without some shifting in my lumbar vertebrae and at my worst I could not pull 405lbs Conventional for a single.

However once I started mobilizing and rolling my muscles before and after workouts ala Supple Leopard, it slowly started getting better, I get a very mild tingling still in certain things but that is slowly disappearing also and the proof is right here, finally hit a new 405lb PR.

Bench Press
205lbs x 10
180lbs x 13

Close Grip Bench Press
225lbs x 2
180lbs x 10

Conventional Deadlift
405lbs x 7 – 1 rep PR

Stiff Leg Deadlift
360lbs x 8 – 1 rep PR

Conventional Deadlift
315lbs x 12

Kettlebell Russian Swings
200lbs x 22 – 2 rep PR

Strict Barbell Curl – New Exercise
90lbs x 6
65lbs x 10

Blue Fatgripz Deadlift
205lbs x 2 – 1 rep PR
155lbs x 10 – 2 rep PR

Despite the struggle today with Bench Press (this was due to a lack of mobilizing before hand, I really need to pin my shoulder mobility down, last Fridays Bench Press was great as a direct result of 10 minutes of mobility while I warmed up to my top set), I am ecstatic with my performance on the Deadlift and Kettlebell Swings.



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