Press Row Press

Workout – Wednesday March 8th 2017

Finally figured out a mobility exercise to set my shoulder back into the rear of the joint capsule before I press.

Internal shoulder rotations with the red resistance band with a green resistance band providing a distraction on the shoulder joint and front deltoid I do this about 10 times per side until my shoulder relaxes in the socket.

Overhead Press
170lbs x 7 – 15lb PR
135lbs x 13 – 0.5 rep PR
100lbs x 16

Power Barbell Rows
360lbs x 3 – 1 rep PR and 90lb PR
270lbs x14 –  1 rep PR

Feet Up Reverse Close Grip Bench Press
215lbs x 4 – 2 rep PR
135lbs x 17 – 2 rep PR

Cheating Lateral Raises
70lbs x 1 – 10lb PR
45lbs x 16 – 1 rep PR

Double Overhand Deadlifts – New Exercise
360lbs x 1
315lbs x 3

Great PRs especially due to the shoulder mobility at the start, overhead press is continuing to push up which is good.


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