Lifting Goal Reached!

Workout – Wednesday March 12th 2017

Stiff Leg Deadlifts
405lbs x 1 – 20lb PR

Conventional Deadlifts
425lbs x 2
385lbs x 6

Bench Press
205lbs x 11 – 1 rep PR since restarting Barbell Bench

Close Grip Bench Press
230lbs x 2 – 5lb PR
180lbs x 9

Slingshot Close Grip Bench Press
245lbs x 4

Strict Barbell Curls
90lbs x 7 – 1 rep PR
65lbs x 12 – 2 rep PR

405lbs Stiff Leg Deadlift has been a goal of mine for over a year, my last attempt was 6 weeks ago and it barely moved, supper happy to finally hit it.


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